Firefighter Stacked Collage— Machine-Quilted Tote Bag

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Today's listing is for one (1) tote bag featuring the different items relating to firemen and firefighting. 

This would make a great gift for that special person! Or you can use the tote as a gift bag and put another gift inside as a surprise.

There is batting sewn in between is to give it body and stability and will not bunch up at all when washed. All of our bags are machine-quilted either in the same color thread or a matching color, so your batting will never shift even during washing.

These bags are completely washable and we try to use a lining that will compliment the outside of the bag. Check out the lining- it has flames on it! The straps are black.

The bag measures approximately 12" x 13" with a 3" measurement width at the bottom. The handles are approximately 38" in length. With this length of strap, this can be used as a shoulder or cross-body bag or you can tie a knot in the straps and use it as a purse.

The tote is large enough to hold a laptop or an iPad.

Questions: Please email me. I am here to help.

Thanks so much for stopping by and looking at my things.