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Get High-Quality Fabric From Platinum So n Sews.

We are surrounded by various fabric-making stores with new developments in ever-evolving technological advancements. There is a significant marketplace where the demand for various fabrics is ever-rising—making it troublesome and confusing for you to choose the best-quality fabric. Platinum So n Sews is your one-stop solution for choosing between various fabrics. We have different high-quality choice fabrics for our customers to choose from. 

If you are a sewing beginner, starting with lightweight fabric, you can choose from our collection and pick the one known to be best for stitching. Moreover, choosing a lightweight fabric from us will prove to be budget-friendly for you. 

Types Of Fabric Offered By Us!

At our trustworthy and dependable store, you can find a variety of fabrics. Some of them are mentioned below. 

  1. Jelly Roll-"Red & White Mixed Prints." 

A jelly roll material is a bunch of various fabrics with different designs coordinated to make it easy to sew. Unlike other manufacturers, we offer strips from 10 to 100, so you can choose them according to your preferences. Every strip is 2-1/2" wide. 

  1. Treasures In The Attic "White Polka Dots On Red

A fat quarter is a fabric that measures approximately 18" x 21" or 1/4 yard. 2 fat quarters equal 1/2 yard, and four fat quarters equal 1 yard. You can choose according to your preferences. 

  1. Patriotic Chevron Print

Chevron print is one of the selling fabrics. It is done in patriotic colors - red, white, and blue. On the red and blue, you can notice the visible stars. 

  1. Merry Christmas Metallic Stockings

Are you feeling the cool vibes? It's time for Christmas, and what's better than a Christmas print fabric for decoration? Merry Christmas metallic stockings feature Christmas stockings with presents and candy canes on a cream background with holly leaves and gold snowflakes.

Why Choose Our Premium Quality Fabrics? 

Fabrics are one of the essential things which are noticed by every customer when buying a product. Therefore, you need to choose the best quality fabric to standout from the crowd. We have been working for 50 years with all the perfection. Moreover, we ensure the use of high-quality raw materials for fabric sewing. 

Shop for High-Quality Fabric According To Your Preference!

Irrespective of your experience, it is essential for you to choose one of the best fabrics for your product. If you want to buy the most delicate quality fabric, you can contact Platinum So n Sews. We have high-quality fabric for all our customers that will best meet their quilting and sewing needs and suit their preferences.

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