What Are The Interesting Things To Do Before Gifting a Quilt?

What Are The Interesting Things To Do Before Gifting a Quilt?

Giving a thoughtful gift to a loved one is an impressive way to strengthen relationships. It makes a remarkable impression on a receiver that you are thinking and caring for them. But finding the immaculate gift for them can be grueling. One can think about the hobbies or the activities they desire to do and can give the relatable item. For example, if your loved one is into sewing, then nothing can be greater than handing them top-quality fabric for making a handmade quilt blanket. You both will feel the magic of that quilt. 

Here we have made a list of all the things you can do to make your gift more attractive and add your personal touch. Read about those things and surprise your close ones.

5 Interesting Things To Do Before Gifting a Quilt

You might be surprised that researchers from Nathaniel Lambert at Florida State University suggest gifts can elicit feelings of gratitude and bring more health and happiness to your relationship. Continue reading to know what things you can do before giving them quilts. 

  1. Choose A Great Pattern With Favourable Colors

While choosing the quilt, ensure that the receiver appreciates the pattern, design, and color. If you cannot find a perfect store to purchase the fabrics, connect with us at Platinum So n Sews. We have timely handmade quilts for sale for your convenience. 

  1. Give Your Quilt It's First Wash

If you want a more lovely wrinkly, soft look and feel that we all love about the quilt fabric, then washing it can be a smart move. While washing the fabric, ensure that you wash with cold water with a phosphate-free detergent. It will retain its original color and quality.

  1. Give It More of A Personal Touch

Since you want to give a gift that will be unforgettable for your close one, you can do something more creative with the gift. To give a more personalized touch, add a hand-written note in the fabric of a handmade quilt blanket. You can also write about your old memory or story, etc.

  1. Add The Care Tips To Manage The Fabrics

If you want to ensure that the user does not ruin the quilt fabric, you can add care tips to prolong its life. Helpful tips like keeping it away from the harsh sunlight so that its vibrant colors do not fade away with time is always a wise decision. Moreover, you can ask for more tips from the service provider offering top-class fabrics for making a handmade quilt blanket.

  1. Wrap In A DIY Style Poured With Love

Who doesn't love a DIY-styled wrapped gift? Wrap the style with cool wrapping paper, and you can attach things like decorative sewing pins and needle minders, handcrafted quilting tools, mini travel/craft iron, and many more items. These items will make the gift more loveable and presentable to the receivers.

Purchase The Fabric And Surprise Your Loved One!

So these are some things you can do before giving the quilt to your loved one. Contact our Platinum So n Sews website to purchase the fabrics. We have made it available in rich colors or striking patterns and designs. Contact us to know more about our endless products.

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