Top Layer Cakes For Quilts Fabric Cuts You Can't Overlook

Top Layer Cakes For Quilts Fabric Cuts You Can't Overlook

Layer cakes for quilts are one of the most beautiful fabric cuts with various designs, themes, and patterns. Layer cakes are easy to mix and match for your quilting project, coordinating with quilt fabrics. Many quilters sewing quilts for the first time with layer cake fabrics are curious to know about the size and patterns of these fabric cuts. These layer cake fabric cuts are typically a single pack of squares to make a twin quilt. Also, if you purchase two-layer cakes, you can easily design a queen quilt.   

The easiest layer cake pattern for beginners is a 10" square pattern. They can create a patchwork style with these fabric cuts. These are easy to make and look professional and beautiful after the creation. 


5 Trendy Layer Cake Quilt Patterns 

Quilting is an art, and if you get fabric cuts of unique patterns, designs, and themes, quilting becomes more fun. Enlisted are the trending and different styled layer cakes for quilts fabric cuts you can't miss while handling a quilt project. 

  1. Autumn Sun Layer Cake

The Autumn or fall season is all about hot chocolate or coffee cup, cozy living, breezy weather, and comfy warm quilts. Isn't it? So, why not design such comfortable quilts with mesmerizing Autumn Sun layer cake patterns? The layer cake comes with 42-10" squares in yellow, green, and orange patterns signifying the fall vibes. 

You can create a signature quilt using this layer cake panel fabric for quilting with a modern and artistic touch to welcome your autumn days.

  1. Layer Cake-Coffee Always

If you are a coffee lover and always put your coffee above all, this layer cake pattern is for you. It's a gorgeous "coffee always" layer cake with different coffee mug patterns in black, red, brown, and beige colors. Sewing these squares together can be enjoyed with these 42-10" squares. You can also use these handy layer cakes for quilts to make corner-square triangles or half-square triangles in your quilts. 

Likewise this layer cake pattern, you can get more layer cake fabric cuts in a range of alluring colors and tempting patterns. To achieve an eye-catching finished quilt, try to go with contrasting bright colors for patchwork with your "coffee always" layer cake patterns. 

  1. Daffodils Dragon Layer Cake

Are you in love with the beautiful blooming daffodils dragon flowers? If yes, let your love for them be reflected in your quilts. The attractive 42-10" daffodils dragon layer cake can be your perfect pick to design a colorful and flaming quilt. Due to their vibrant shades, unique floral patterns, and cheerful themes, you will have fun crafting the quilt using these layer cakes for quilts.

Layer cakes full of pleasing florals adorn the colorful quilt and are enough to attract anyone using it.

  1. Woodland Frost Layer Cake

If snowfall, snowflakes, and reindeer are your favorite things in winter, let your comfy and warm quilt bring all these together. The woodland forest layer cakes can be an ideal choice for the same. You can use 42-10" layer cakes for numerous quilting projects. Also, you can create the quilt of your dreams with these fabric cuts featuring happy patterns, winter colors, and a perfect theme to opt for a modern monochrome look with the same color scheme. 

  1. Harvest Gold Layer Cake

The brownish gold-colored Harvest gold layer cake can be your good-to-go option if you want a quilt full of fall pumpkins and Autumn vibes. The 42-10" layer cakes for quilts are one of the easiest layer cake patterns you can use to create your favorite autumn-season quilt. 

These flexible patterns will allow you to create a quilt full of cozy vibes helping you reflect the essence of the fall season in your quilt. 

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