Top 5 Fabric Trends Transforming The Quilt Industry

Top 5 Fabric Trends Transforming The Quilt Industry

The textile industry is innovative, creative, and fast-growing with the change in demand and fashion. Fabrics for quilts need to be durable and comfortable at the same time. When you look for the best online fabric store quilting, the results display a variety of fabrics having traditional and modern designs. Variations in texture and patterns are now available as the manufacturers focus on lightweight quilts with maximum warmth. 

Different fabrics present different characteristics, and a perfect combination of color and designs makes them unique. Read on to find the latest trends in quilt fabric.

 What Are The Latest Quilt Fabrics? 

You might love to cuddle up in your favorite quilt, but everything needs to be replaced when worn out. If you are attached to the design and color of your quilt, then new fabric designs have a lot to surprise you. Many options are available nowadays, whether batik fabric online or a simple charm pack. You will probably find patterns and shades that may be similar to the ones you are missing or better than them. Here are trending quilt fabrics that are easily available at stores and online. 

  1. Star-Spangled Quilt Pattern

Star spangles, the United States of America celebration, make a lovely quilted decor item. It is the ideal quilting project to work on as it is adaptable enough to be used with any home interior. You will get them in various sizes at the best place to buy fabric for quilting. 

  1. 1 Fish, 2 Fish Quilt Pattern

The pattern consists of an ocean-like background with contrasting colorful fishes. For making fish, a jelly roll or leftover fabric scraps are used. These vibrant quilt fabrics are ideal for a kid's room. 

  1. Dresden Bloom Quilt Pattern

In these traditional floral patterns, a flower-like plate is sewn together, then applied on a plain background. They are simple and attractive options to choose from best online fabric store quilting. 

  1. Tan Novelty Design

Tan designs go well with every mood. The tan novelty-designed quilt fabrics have attractive shades giving an impression of tanning. The background is usually solid colored to complement the shade of tan.

 Shadow Boxes Quilt

What could be better than colorful boxes with a glimpse of black shadow behind them? Shadow boxes pattern is one of the most popular patterns in quilt fabrics.

 Pick A Trending Design For Your Quilt! 

You might need assistance with which quilt to choose with so many available options. If you are looking for the best online fabric store quilting, browse the Platinum So n Sews website. We have a variety of high-quality quilt fabrics available in different sizes and price ranges. Go through our website to explore our vast collection of quilt fabrics.

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