The Fabric Connoisseur- Excelling The Art Of Evaluating Textile

The Fabric Connoisseur- Excelling The Art Of Evaluating Textile

Selecting the best online fabric store for quilting for a new project has become a delightful aspect of the entire quilting process. However, it may take some time to reach a point where you feel assured and truly relish the process of choosing fabric for a quilt. Quilting is a hobby that is often serene, captivating, and habit-forming. If you are a beginner in quilting and eager to dive in, here are a few useful tips. Like any fabric, it may shrink, so some individuals prefer to pre-wash it before using it. To know what to see while getting the fabric, please scroll through now!

How To Check For Fabric Quality?

Quilting cotton is a superior fabric choice that offers both quality and ease for quilting. So, if you want good quality quilts, it becomes necessary for you to check the material. Below are mentioned some things for you to check before getting quilt material. 

1. Thread Count

The term "thread count" pertains to the number of threads intricately woven within a single square inch of fabric. A substantial thread count is a reliable gauge of fabric excellence since it signifies the fabric's density, contributing to its overall durability and resilience. Generally, a more tightly woven fabric will result in a higher thread count. An ideal range for thread count would be 200 to 400 from the best place to buy fabric for quilting, although it's critical to mention that quilting fabrics often have counts lower than 200. Therefore, this lower count typically results in a softer and more flowing texture.

2. Weave

Quilting cotton fabric exhibits a plain weave characterized by a straightforward pattern of threads interlacing. In this weave, the weft thread consistently passes over and under each warp thread alternately, resulting in a grid-like pattern. The tight weaving of quilting fabric contributes to its durability and resilience, as the high-quality fabric is resistant to tearing. It's crucial to note that the fabric's weave can impact its overall draping qualities, which is a vital aspect to consider when employing quilting cotton from the best place to buy quilting fabric online for dressmaking purposes.

3. Weight

Fabric weight is commonly denoted as 'GSM,' an acronym for 'grams per square meter.' Generally, a higher GSM indicates a denser and heavier fabric, whereas a lower GSM suggests a lighter and more breathable one. The range of quilting cotton fabrics of the best online fabric store for quilting falls within the 115gsm to 145gsm range and is typically categorized as lightweight or medium-weight. As a result, they offer versatility and are effortless to work with when sewing.

4. Source

Knowing the source of your fabric purchase can greatly contribute to validating its quality. The role of the best place to buy quilting fabric online is dedicated to acquiring the finest quilting fabrics of high quality. Since we offer branded fabrics designed by modern artists, you can conveniently gather additional information about them through our website. Therefore, we recommend conducting thorough research before finalizing your decision.

5. Brand

Fabric brands or manufacturers typically have in-house fabric designers responsible for creating their own collections. Alternatively, manufacturers may collaborate with artists and graphic designers to commission fabric designs. The fabric these brands produce is known for its exceptional quality as the manufacturers strive to maintain their reputation. It's essential to note that branded fabric should be distinct from licensed fabric, which features prints of well-known intellectual properties.

6. Price

The price of fabric generally indicates its quality. Our fabrics are competitively priced per meter because the brands we carry put significant effort into producing top-notch quilting fabrics. It's critical to note that the inexpensive fat quarter bundles you find at local supermarkets are not equivalent to the high-quality fabric we offer online. Cheap fabric tends to be stiffer, with a rougher texture and often exhibits inconsistencies in the weave. In contrast, our fabrics are exceptionally soft, durable, and worth the investment.

7. Finishing, Color Fastness, And Shrinkage

The fabric should possess a smooth and even surface without any knots, pulls, or holes. There may be slight fraying at the edges, but it should not significantly affect the fabric's overall integrity. The colors should be uniform throughout, without any signs of fading or patchiness. Moreover, to ensure color fastness, you can pre-wash the fabric. If it is of high quality, it should not bleed or lose its color. Keep in mind that high-quality quilting cotton tends to shrink by approximately 5%, so it's advisable to pre-wash the fabric to test for Shrinkage. 

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