Looking For Trendy Panel Patterns To Level Up Decor Game? Get Here!

Looking For Trendy Panel Patterns To Level Up Decor Game? Get Here!

Wall panels serve multiple purposes and offer you the opportunity to experiment with a different style. You get to select different patterns and mix and match all the patterns to get the desired results and level up the decor of your living space. Moreover, wall paneling isn't just decorative; it can protect your wall from damage and maintain the functionality of your space. Also, it is believed to be one of the budget-friendly methods to decorate your commercial space. With our fabric store online, you get versatility in patterns and select the perfect pattern that complements your interior. 

Top 7 Trendy Panel Patterns To Level Up Your Decor Game   

Wall paneling not only covers the unattractive features of your house, but it also offers you eye-pleasing views and aesthetic appearance. So, why not use the wall paneling wisely to level up your decor game? Here we are introducing you to some of the best patterns that you can add to commercial and residential space decorations, keep scrolling to explore! 

  1. Natural Patterns

 Patterns, including greenery, birds, and animals, can add a natural touch to your space and fits perfectly in the definition of rustic style. So, if you want your space to look relaxed with mind-calming views, our natural patterns are all you need! You can always shop for these patterns from our fabric store online. 

  1. Abstract Patterns

If you want to achieve modern home decor, go for abstract patterns, as it adds an artistic touch to your space. Abstract patterns fit perfectly with the contemporary home interior as they look simplistically designed with large elements like tone, line, color, and texture. 

  1. Digital Prints 

Digital prints are the new trends, and if you give attention to the details, you can offer your space a customized touch. Also, when you add quilts to the decor by selecting the ideal panel fabric for quilting, you can add complementary colors to make your space look elegantly designed. 

  1. Solid Patterns 

Wall paneling is a low-maintenance decor option that comes with versatile designs, and solid patterns are mostly used in study rooms and commercial spaces to get a minimalistic look. So, you can add solid colored patterns as a background to achieve a minimalist design. 

  1. Floral Pattern 

Floral patterns look bright and cheerful and can transform a dull space and make it look beautifully decorated. Multi Colored panels with floral patterns can be the perfect background for your couch and can also be used for the bedroom walls. In the early 90s, floral patterns were considered the classic pattern and were the most preferred for kitchen wallpaper. 

  1. Geometric Patterns 

Get the panels with the most commonly used geometric patterns from our fabric store online and add a unique touch to your space together with the visual interest. Also, by using geometric patterns, you can transform the flat and dull covered wall without going overboard.  

  1. Sports Patterns 

Are you an athlete and sports fan and want to add a personal touch to your space? We have got you covered with our sports patterns. These patterns can go with absolutely everything if designed ideally. Also, you get a wide range of colors to choose from our website and pick the perfect one for your house's interior. 

Make Your Home Decor Look Astonishing With Our Panels! 

Platinum So n Sews is here with all the above-listed panel patterns at affordable rates. You can mix and match the textures and offer your home a great ambiance with these panel patterns. We can offer you the best quilting, panels, sewing treasures, and other high-quality products. Visit our website to explore more about our products!
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