High Quality Of Cotton Batik Fabric And Its Uses In Quilting

High Quality Of Cotton Batik Fabric And Its Uses In Quilting

Batik art is a textile technique in which wax and dye are used to create stunning pieces of art and patterns on a piece of fabric. The fabric materials are especially cotton, silk, linen, or rayon. The technique originated from the island of Java in Indonesia, but now it is popular worldwide. It is the popular textile dyeing method that creates art pieces for clothes and household decor. The cotton batik fabric is often used in quilt-making procedures, and it is considered as the best type of fabric. Batiks are a beautiful design that can work stunningly to create complex quilt designs. The base fabric of the cotton batik is tightly woven, which is the best option for an applique quilt pattern. In today’s quilting technique, Batik is used with other traditional cotton fabrics to make the premium quality of batik cotton material

How Cotton Batik Fabrics Are Used In Quilts?  

  • Batiks can be used in quilting similar to any other fabric. By using Batik fabric, the simple quilt pattern can be stunning and look eye-appealing. The cotton fabric of Batik plays the role of a game changer in the quilling process and makes the art beautiful to look and feel. The complex designs in Batik fabric blur the seam of the seam lines on the fabric and create a watercolor attractive look to the quilts. You can get a variety of quilts and buy quilting cotton online.
  • Batik fabric is considered an ancient form of art; however, back in the day, batiks were not traditionally used on quilts. As a result, with the modern technique, the cotton fabric Batik has added a contemporary feel to the traditional quilts and their patterns.
  • The cotton batik fabric does not stretch as compared to plain cotton or silk. That is why it is considered the best choice and makes it an ideal fabric for quilting. The batik fabric quilts come at an affordable price. Therefore, anyone can buy and use it for their decorations and enhance their interior design.  
  • The batik cotton fabric does not fray; it works wonderfully for raw edge applique. Press a two-sided fusible web, such as Steam-A-Seam 2, to the fabric, cut out the shape, and apply it to the background. The variety of shading in each piece of fabric allows them to make more interesting designs and realistic landscapes. 
  • The fabric is complex to be sewn together. However, the cotton fabric batik does not show a complex structure for quilting the patterns. A simple quilting pattern is all about the output, which we get with the final touch necessary to complete the batik quilt.
  • Batiks can be difficult to handle, but possible to hand quilt. Therefore, hand quilting can give the best art design of quilts by sewing batik fabrics. 

What Are The Other Types Of Fabric Used With Batik?

Cotton is typically the easiest for making fabric; however it is not the only fabric that is used but the manufacturers. There are other varieties of fabrics that are used in batik production. 

  • Crepe de chine- is made with tightly twisted yarns with similar qualities to silk crepe.
  • Crepe- is a type of fabric that has a ragged surface texture made from highly twisted yarn, special weaves, textured yarns, chemical treatments, or embossing. 
  • Satin- is a type of fabric that is commonly made out of silk, which features a beautiful, smooth, and glossy look. It is known as one of the most high-quality Batiks.  
  • Jacquard Silk- Also called silk jacquard, is a type of silk fabric that is soft, light, and drapey with a slightly embossed shiny pattern on top of the silk matter background, which is used to produce Batiks. 

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