Essential Tips For Choosing The Best Panel Fabric For Quilting

Essential Tips For Choosing The Best Panel Fabric For Quilting

Are you also interested in the enticing, easy, and fun ways to begin your quilting projects and achieve perfectly crafted quilts, wall hangings, and other quilt blocks? It's time you gain insights and knowledge on choosing the best color combinations, palettes, fabric styles, and quality. While many quilters focus on getting the fabrics that best match their inspiration, others are more committed to landing on the ideal panel fabric for quilting that can beautifully enhance the fabric combination in your different quilting projects. 

Things To Consider When Seeking For The Best Quilt Fabrics 

Since the panel fabrics come in many designs, sizes, and different exclusive patterns, it often becomes complicated and overwhelming to make the right choice and an informed decision when picking magazine-worthy quilts. If you want to ensure that your fabric selection perfectly complements the intention of your quilt pattern choices, consider reading the blog below. Here we help you gain insights on the top tips for getting your hands on the bunches of lovely panel fabrics for quilting for your next sewing or quilting project. 

  1. Consider Choosing a Particular Bundles of Panel Fabrics

Choosing a particular bundle of panel fabrics designed by professional designers or skilled quilters is often recommended because you will get the best combination of materials. When you choose a pre-cut collection of panel fabrics, you will find that half of your complicated selection process has been simplified, and now you can select the best fabrics matching your style and design preferences. 

  1. Add Excellent Contrasts By Choosing Curated Collections

If you are an experienced quilter, you may have often heard about investing your money in a curated collection and adding more appeal and unique tastes to your quilting projects. When you choose panel fabrics for quilting from a curated collection, say 80%, you can focus on adding intricate contrasts from other 20% fabrics and making your quilts stand out from the others. This way, you will have the chance to add your favorite patterns and make your quilts more attractive in front of your onlookers. 

  1. Avoid Using Different Color Schemes & Themes

Besides making your fabric selection process more manageable, choosing a particular color scheme helps you achieve quick perfection in your quilts and spare you the necessary time to improve the overall look and appearance of your quilting projects. You can choose to make your favorite quilts in different shades of the one color you decide and even use it in your background to keep a consistent tone throughout your quilts. Also, avoid getting too lost in your comfort zone and choose the different batik fabric fat quarter collections from the same designer. 

  1. Use Dark or Scrappy Backgrounds To Jazz Up Your Quilt's Glow

The whole reason behind choosing panel fabrics for quilting is to ease your process of quilt selection and offer yourself enough time to use in designing perfectly crafted quilts. If you want to ensure that the quilting process goes as smoothly as possible, you can consider choosing dark or low-volume, scrappy backgrounds. Besides helping you pull off an exciting background, the scrappy and dark panel fabrics or batik fabric fat quarter help ease your process of offering an inspiring look and feel to your quilting projects. 

  1. Achieve Flawless Perfection in Your Borders & Bindings

The finishing touch on your quilting projects is often the result of unique borders and seamless bindings. Therefore, you must carefully transform the finishing trace and final framings into your favorite quilts. Choosing the perfect colors of your bindings and borders that perfectly match the intricate interior color schemes and patterns of your quilts is yet another excellent tip you can remember to finally ensure that your quilts can stand out in a million ways.

 Shop for Your Favorite Panel Fabrics With Us Today! 

We understand how making the perfect choice from the number of panel fabrics available in the market can become challenging. Therefore we at Platinum So n Sews know have curated for new and experienced quilting enthusiasts a list of the different tried and tested methods for landing on the ideal panel or batik fabric online for quilting. 

While you can always choose fabrics with solid colors, choosing designs with the perfect contrast, scale, and designs is another essential tip you can use when searching for your one-stop panel or batik fabrics. Visit us today to explore our various innovative and eye-catchy collections of unique fabrics.

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