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Colorful And Fun Quilt Patterns To Try Out In 2023

Quilts come in various sizes, styles, and colors that can help you dramatically enhance the overall aesthetics of your home. You can use quilts for multiple reasons and mix and match the pattern to offer your home a pleasant ambiance. However, selecting the wrong fabric and patterns that do not blend well with the interior of your home can backfire. Therefore, it is crucial to get the quilts from the best online fabric store quilting to ensure the quality of the quilts. Read further to explore our cheerful and fun quilt options. 

List of Amazing Quilt Patterns To Try In 2023? 

Selecting the perfect cozy quilts and styling them elegantly can fill your home with mind-calming vibes. Earlier, quilts were considered a golden-days decor option, and designers avoided quilts to prevent houses from looking old-fashioned. But the quilts' modern designs and color options make them trending in 2023. Want to know what type of quilts to get from the best online fabric store quilting? Scroll down to know! 

  • Kings And Queens Quilt Pattern 

Our king and queen quilt patterns can be the perfect option for your bed and make your bed cozier. As layering is considered the best option to style your bed, you can successfully add layers to your bed with various size pillows and quilts. Moreover, the king and queen quilt pattern has colorful shades, which can make your home's ambiance cheerful. 

  • The Great Pumpkin Harvest Quilt Pattern 

The great pumpkin harvest quilt is bordered with darker shades and dipped in lighter shades of yellow. For this, you can match the pattern with the bedsheet and select pillows of similar shades to make it look complimentary. Get batik fabric online and the great pumpkin harvest from us at the best prices and level up your bed's style today. 

  • Color Falls Quilt Pattern

Cheerful color options or designs, including multi-colored objects, make your space look bright and shiny. Moreover, you can add our color fall quilt to your table, as it is the most unconventional way of styling and looks unexpected and eye-catching in multiple ways. 

  • Butterfly Blooms Quilt Pattern

Finding the perfect quilt pattern to elevate the decor of your kid's room? Try the butterfly blooms quilt pattern! It consists of bright colors and can complement any design style. With this pattern, you can use it for bed or for adding cozy vibes on the couch. Moreover, you can also get this to hang as a display. 

  • Twister Shimmer Quilt Pattern 

As displaying quilts on the wall has become a more popular design style in the last few decades, you must want to display something that looks antique and unexpected. Hence shop for our twister shimmer quilt pattern from the best online fabric store quilting, and dress up your walls perfectly. Further, it can also be the perfect gift option for your loved ones. 

  • Sassy Squares Quilt Pattern 

A sassy square quilt pattern can be the perfect fit for all individuals who prefer minimalistic designs and avoid going overboard with the colors and style. It can offer you the perfect blend of modern and vintage looks and can be designed effortlessly anywhere, like, couches, chairs, beds, tables, or even as a wall hanging. 

Shop All The Trending Quilt Patterns With Us! 

Platinum So n Sews is here with all the above-mentioned quilt patterns to help you make your space look stunning and cozy. With us, you can get a wide range of quilts in different styles, panels for walls, and batik fabric fat quarters. We aim to offer our customers all the products at affordable rates. Visit our website to explore more about our products and connect with us today!
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