5 Nature-Themed Quilt Fabric Designs In Trend!

5 Nature-Themed Quilt Fabric Designs In Trend!

A quilt is a decorative textile frequently used as a bedspread and is created by sewing together three layers of fabric, the top, middle, and bottom. There are a wide variety of quilt styles, sizes, and shapes. Perhaps you want a warm, comforting quilt cover for your bed or an elaborate artistic quilt cover to hang on your wall. With so many alternatives, it can take time to choose which one is the best online fabric store quilting. 

However, you can choose according to your home's theme, mood, and interior. Adorable nature-themed quilt designs are available, from animal print to beautiful scenery and much more.  

bring home these quilt patterns if you are a nature lover!

With so many options in the fabric and design, it might be hard to choose a quilt, especially when each one is unique, comfortable, and durable. But it doesn't mean it has to be plain or boring. It can be a vibrant jelly roll or a batik fabric online. The variety in color and patterns can freshen up your mood besides providing you warmth and comfort. Here are some trending designs that have natural beauty as their theme

 1. Sleeping Under The Stars Panel-Lush Forest

It is a digital print and is great for someone who loves to camp. If you miss a lovely sunrise in the silence of the mountains, this print is for you. It is by Hoffman Fabrics and features the flap pulled back on a tent and looking out at a lush forest in the early morning.

 2. Bengal Tiger Stalking Panel 

Next time you visit your best place to buy fabric for quilting, ask for wild animal prints like a tiger in a dark background. You can also go for a Bengal tiger stalking panel by Robert Kaufman-black background.

 3. Snow-Covered Tree 

Let your quilt design speak of your love for snow. The sight of the snow-covered tree will give you the thrill of cuddling up in the cozy quilt. Digital print from Hoffman Fabrics features a stand-alone Christmas tree covered in snow with snow falling and snow-covered trees in the background.

 4. September Stay Til Winter Panel 

The beauty of September captured in a single digital print can be seen in this fabric. It is by Hoffman Fabrics and features an old mill with a water wheel on a stream with a little waterfall. The beautiful scenery makes it one of the best online fabric store quilting patterns.

 5. Patriotic Deer Panel 

Let a large buck deer standing among trees and brush with an American flag draped behind him complement the cozy interior of your room in the winter. It is a perfect pattern for the deer hunter or to hang in a man cave.

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