Shades of the Season 2 "Harvest"-Robert Kaufman-Fat Quarter

Shades of the Season 2 "Harvest"-Robert Kaufman-Fat Quarter

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Today's listing is for one (1) fat quarter of the fabric shown.  It is by Robert Kaufman.

It is from his "Shades of the Season 2" collection.  This fabric is out of print (OOP) and has been for quite some time.

It features pumpkins, apples, sunflowers, pears and all things relating to harvest time.

A fat quarter is a piece of fabric that measures approximately 18" z 21" or 1/4 yard.  2 fat quarters equal 1/2 yard and 4 fat quarters equal 1 yard.

Questions:  Please email me.

Thanks so much for looking at my things.

Have a great day and God bless.

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