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Resources - Animal Fabric Panels

Take your Quilting Game to the Next Level with Animal Fabric Panels

The Beauty of Animal Fabric Panels The sight of animals through beautiful image renderings on quilting fabric brings out various feelings of wildness as well as domestic tranquility. There is something adorable with animals, thinking that they can inspire your wild side as well as the peacefulness exuded by gentle animals. What does this have to do with quilting and other crafty hobbies? These beautiful images of our well-loved natural creatures are available on animal fabric panels. This is the perfect home décor accent or project material for all animal lovers out there. These panels come in different forms. Choose one that fits your taste or style the most.

Popular Styles of Animal Fabric Panels Realistic Nature Images and Susybee Style These panels often come as hyper realistic digital prints on cloth. Inspired by the natural habitat of animals in the wild, many of these panels feature artistic representation of beautiful beasts in a backdrop of their picturesque natural environments, such as mountains, forests, sea, lakes, etc. Large versions of these are often used as home décor, framed and hung on a wall. Multiple images are another option. These styles of panel features multiple images of an animal or several animals in a borderless panel arranged in random order. There are endless possibilities of art styles used for this type of panel. The more popular ones include cartoon drawings in line art or in full color. The Susybee style is a quilt panel that measures 35" x 44" featuring a specific animal theme. A single large rectangular shaped frame features a main character. Several smaller squares show the animal artwork in related scenes. The sides are bordered by two elongated rectangles containing related images.

Animal Block Fabric Multi-panels With block fabric multi-panels, you get more animal images rendered in cute and artistic styles in a single cotton fabric. Each animal figure is separated in blocks making it even more perfect for quilting. The squares give you an easy guide for sewing making it appear as different panels in a single fabric. Kids love seeing cartoon-like images of animals on their pillows, blankets, and other fabrics in their room or play den.

Where to Buy Animal Fabric Panels Animal print has been on trend for years and has been the focal point of a variety of products ranging from clothing and accessories to home décor. The following is a quick overview on where to purchase fabric panels to make personal creations.

Fabric Stores Most stores selling quilting fabrics have numerous designs of animal panels. You can buy these by the yard or by meter. Even with popular fabric designs, you can create your unique quilt by mixing and matching different panels. Go thematic by featuring only farm animals, pets, or wildlife.

Specialty and Online shops Some craft shops carry only quilting materials. You can definitely find popular and unique designs, as well as the latest animal panels in cotton print or in other textile materials. Large online stores such as eBay and Amazon carry these items in the crafts and quilting categories. As long as you have accounts on these online stores, you can easily order and have the panels delivered to your doorstep. Other quilting stores have online stores where you can also directly order for your quilting needs. For unique designs, there are sellers from Etsy where you can directly contact the seller/ artist for orders.

Social Media The explosion of social media participation makes it an excellent source not only of social entertainment and interaction but also for commerce. Many private and small merchants post their quilting materials for sale on their personal walls, selling groups, and on the Facebook marketplace. Recently, Instagram and Pinterest have also been gaining traction with craft entrepreneurs and hobbyists including quilting.

Direct from Artists Trade fairs and craft exhibits feature a bevy of artists, both veterans and budding ones. If you want a highly personalized and unique panel, you can commission any artist you want. This not only gives you a distinct piece of artwork for your quilt project, it also helps the careers of artists. Animal fabric panels are wonderful pieces to work with. Working with these types of prints gives your quilting project a different dimension of design apart from the usual feminine and country-style prints. Get creative, think outside the box, and have fun designing a one of a kind piece.