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Resources - Honey Bun Fabric

The Sky is the Limit of What You Can Create with Honey Bun Fabric

When visiting a fabric store, especially those selling wholesale supplies and raw materials for crafting, you may have encountered bundles of cloth strips. These are honey bun fabrics. The name was coined by Moda Fabrics. These skinny strips come in widths of 1 – 1 ½ by lengths of 44 inches Kona cotton by Robert Kaufman and are sold in rolls or bulk. Crafters, quilters, and other sewing enthusiasts treat these cloth strips as little gems as they have been beneficialin several ways. The variety of colors and patterns you will get for every roll adds to the excitement of acquiring a bunch. Having precut strips are a true goldmine for sewers as they save on cutting time effort. Exciting, isn’t it? Let’s learn more about it!

Different Uses of the Honey Bun Fabric

Quilting and Adding Design

Quilters have long been enjoying the use of these rolls of thin precut fabric for the longest time. It can add length to the quilt as well as sashing in between different pieces of jelly roll fabrics, particularly with the window pane style quilting. You can also use this fabric as a finishing binding around the quilt. Fold ¼ inch on both sides for seams, and you get enough material to wrap around both sides of the quilt edge. When quilting, the design can simply be on one side. To take it up a notch, a reversible quilted blanket is a great option. Make a back-to-back colorful blanket with cloth strips sewn together. This will match a country style bedroom nicely. You can make a quilted comforted using this style for use during the cold season. For warmer months, a double-sided blanket in spring colors and patterns is perfect.
When stitching together pieces of cloth, a honey bun strip can serve as a design band in any way you wish. Create modern color blocks using Kona solids or plain color strips. You can also create a floral themed design using different strips with flowers or nature prints. The same goes for geometric prints.

Home Decor

Quilting may be a challenge to create for many, but a pillowcase is more manageable. Create a band in between the smaller outer fabric and the main body fabric. Using the strips saves you time in cutting cloth. It also adds an exciting accent to your pillowcase. Pillowcases for a bed can be pretty inexpensive but throw pillow cases can be pretty costly depending on which store you go to. There are those that can be interchangeable in a home, transitioning from season to season. Then there are specifically seasonal and holiday themed. To create a throw pillow case of your own, sew a quilted or a single layer pillowcase using a patchwork of fabrics. Once you get the hang of things, you’ll be amazed at the variety of products you can make. A great idea is to create a rug for your space. To do so, sew the seams on both sides to seal the edges then weave the strips to create a colorful floor mat. Seal the sides with the same strips using a solid color to unify the look. This is also a great do-it-yourself gift idea.


Expressing yourself through your fashion is one way to make a statement. Whether you’re creating an apron or a quilted bag, the fabric strips would come in handy more than you know. Quilted bags are versatile as the bag can be used as a reusable grocery bag or as a handbag. Make a summer tote bag for the beach or picnics by sewing together several strips of honey bun fabric. Mix and match patterns and colors depending on your taste to create a bright and cheerful design reminiscent of happy days under the sun. You could also create a waistband material, straps, and belt for aprons. If you have enough time on your hands, sew the strips together to create a whole piece of cloth for your apron.

There are No Limitations

There are literally dozens of projects you can do with honey bun fabric. Crafting, quilting, and sewing are therapeutic activities. Why not start a project now? A large heirloom quilt can create many heartwarming memories. How about making a gift for a dear friend or loved one? Handmade gifts are extra special. These will make someone feel loved because of the effort put into creating one piece. Wouldn’t it be nice to use a blanket that was made with the labor of love by someone who cares for you? In a shabby chic theme, use the strips to tie the gift instead of the traditional store-bought ribbons.Feeling entrepreneurial? Turn it into a business endeavor and sell your creations at county fairs or through your online shop. Go and get yourself a roll and enjoy the crafting and sewing activities ahead.