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We are surrounded by fabric-making stores that keep up with the latest technological advancements and offer new developments. With the significant marketplace and ever-rising demand for various fabrics, it can be challenging and confusing to buy fat quarters online of high-quality. Blenders are solid or near-solid fabrics used to bridge the gap between prints or patterned fabrics. Further, these fabrics are usually tone-on-tone or have a subtle print that can add depth and texture to a quilt without overwhelming the overall design.

Blenders come in various colors and shades, making it easy to find one that matches or complements the other fabrics in a quilt. Because blenders' fat fabric is versatile and can be used in many different ways, many quilters like to keep a selection of blenders in their stash to use in future projects. Moreover, selecting quality blenders from Platinum So n Sews will be more affordable for you. 

Types Of Quality Quarter Fabrics From Our Collection!

Blenders are often used as sashing, borders, or binding fabrics to help tie a quilt together visually. It can also be used in quilt blocks to provide contrast or create a sense of movement within the design. Our fat quarter fabric shop brings a popular cut of fabric for quilters with a more versatile shape for cutting pieces of fabric for quilt blocks. With a fat quarter, you can cut larger pieces than with a traditional quarter-yard cut of fabric, making it easier to create complex quilt patterns with various fabrics. Let's look at popular quarter fabrics from our collection.


Grunge "Kraft" is a line of fabric produced by Moda Fabrics, known for its high-quality quilting fabrics. The Grunge "Kraft" line features a neutral, beige color with a distressed look, creating a textured and vintage-inspired appearance. Further, it offers a unique and versatile option for quilters looking to add texture and visual interest to their projects with a neutral color palette.


Maze "Teal" is a fabric produced by Robert Kaufman, a well-known brand in the quilting industry. The Maze "Teal" fabric features a geometric design with a teal color scheme, which adds a pop of color and interest to any quilt or sewing project. Further, it adds a modern touch to their projects with a fun and vibrant print. You can get this from our fat quarter fabric shop to create eye-catching and modern projects with high-quality fabric.


Produced by Batik Textiles, the Jade #1125 fabric features a beautiful jade green color with a subtle leaf pattern, which adds a touch of natural beauty to any project. It is a great option for quilters who want to add a touch of nature-inspired beauty to their projects with a piece of high-quality batik fabric.


The Blue & Gold Color Wash fabric is produced by Red Rooster Fabrics that features a beautiful blend of blue and gold colors with a subtle color-washed effect, creating a unique and versatile fabric for quilting and other sewing projects. You can get this from our fat quarter fabric shop for contrasting designs like never before. 


Origins "Jade" is a fabric produced by Quilting Treasures, a company that specializes in creating high-quality quilting fabrics. The Origins "Jade" fabric features a beautiful jade green color with a subtle floral design, which adds a touch of natural beauty to any quilting or sewing project. Further, it is known for high-quality fabrics with unique designs and vibrant colors for quilt design. 

Why Choose Premium Quality Quarter Fabrics? 

Choosing a premium quality quilt from a fat quarter fabric shop can result in a higher-quality and more visually appealing finished product. It can also make the quilting or sewing process easier and more efficient. There are several reasons why quilters and sewers may choose premium quality fat quarter fabrics for their projects.

  • Higher quality

Premium quality fat quarter fabrics are made from high-quality materials, which means that fabrics are more durable, have a tighter weave, and are less likely to fray or shrink.

  • Better Color And Design

Fat quarter fabrics often have more vibrant colors and unique designs, making them more visually appealing and adding more interest to quilting or sewing projects.

  • Increased versatility 

Fat quarter fabrics are a popular choice for quilters and sewers because they offer more versatility in terms of the variety of fabrics that can be used in a project. With premium quality fat quarter fabrics, quilters, and sewers have access to a wider range of high-quality fabrics to choose from.

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Blend fabrics are designed to blend seamlessly with other fabrics and provide a cohesive look to the finished project. It is a foundational element of quilting and allows quilters to create beautiful, intricate designs that showcase their creativity and skill. If you want to buy fat quarters online, you can connect with Platinum So n Sews. Moreover, our fabric selection is designed to meet our customers' diverse quilting and sewing needs while catering to their unique preferences and styles with high-quality materials.

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