Unleash Creativity with Jelly roll material for sale at Platinum So n Sews

Unleash Creativity with Jelly roll material for sale at Platinum So n Sews

The world of pre-cut quilting fabrics holds an abundance of creative potential, especially for busy quilters. Among the most popular options are jelly rolls – those vibrant, perfectly cut 2.5" fabric strips conveniently rolled up and ready to piece.

Jelly rolls make quilt construction faster, easier and more accurate. Their coordinating bundles inspire stunning sampler quilts bursting with color and variety when you don't have time to select each fabric individually. 

At Platinum So n Sews, we share your passion for the craft which reflects in our mammoth selection of quality quilt-making supplies. Our jelly roll catalog features diverse fabrics spanning styles, colors, themes, and designers guaranteed to spark the imagination. Read on to uncover the happy land of jelly roll fabrics and how they pave the way for joyful quilting!

Unveiling the Magic: Jelly Roll Material for Sale at Platinum So n Sews

As seasoned quilters would agree, few things equal the excitement of a fresh bundle of fabrics arriving on your doorstep. And jelly rolls take that rush up a notch with their potential to bring a rainbow of coordinating prints cleanly cut and ready to play with!

At Platinum So n Sews, these pre-cut beauties are one of our bestselling offerings. We partner with popular fabric designers and manufacturers like Moda, Riley Blake, Robert Kaufman among others to stock jelly rolls showcasing exclusive fabric collections.

The themes span classic florals, conversations, vibrant batiks, digital prints, geometrics, and every style in between. Mix things ups with ombres, hand-dyed looks and even shot cottons and woven textures. Solids in lush shades make an appearance too for contrast and pop.

With each collection offering multiple color stories, bundle variations, and fabric possibilities, our jelly roll section guarantees hours of happy browsing for all quiltmakers!. Whether you quilt with a group, make baby gifts or teach classes, let our curated jelly rolls add convenience, variety and inspiration to your projects.

Inspiration Awaits: Dive into Jelly roll quilt fabric Patterns

Once you've picked your jelly rolls, it's time for the best part - using them! Jelly roll quilt fabric has exploded in popularity thanks to its speed and satisfaction payoff. The coordinating strips perfectly lend themselves to quick piecing requiring minimal planning which means you could start and even finish projects in days instead of months.

From striking pinwheels to effortless rail fences, bargellos and crumb quilts, our pattern catalogue features diverse jelly roll-friendly designs styled both in traditional and modern aesthetics. Download e-patterns or watch accompanying video tutorials that walk you step-by-step through special techniques exclusive to jelly rolls.

Some customer favorite patterns include:

  • Swooning Over Suzy Quilt Pattern – Gorgeous secondary patterns emerge from this basic strippy construction, revealing a complex-looking finish achieved with little effort using jelly rolls!
  • Sweet Roll Pinwheel Pattern – Fun pinwheel blocks with sashed squares create fabulous movement and dimension while letting the fabric be the star.
  • Simply Happy Jelly Roll Quilt – Use every inch of your bundles in this happy, reversible quilt working strip sets together with partial seams for a blast of colors!
  • Jelly Roll Jam Quilt – Improvisational cutting and piecing makes this carefree crumb-style quilt perfect for littles and utility blankets with even the tiniest strips proving useful.

Our patterns range from confident beginner to intermediate skill levels though advanced quilters also love incorporating quick jelly roll methods in complex works. The finished quilts work wonderfully as wall hangings, throws, and even bed quilts, depending on size.

Buy Jelly Rolls with Confidence 

We hope browsing the vibrant world of jelly rolls at Platinum So n Sews has convinced you of their ease and creative possibilities! For quilters perpetually struggling with time, motivation or accuracy in piecing, our quality jelly rolls solve multiple problems in one stroke. 

They take away the effort of selecting coordinating fabrics and reduce cutting time to get you piecing sooner. Pre-cut strips also mean uniform pieces that fit together perfectly so projects come together faster and with less frustration.

And thanks to their flexibility across patterns and aesthetic preferences from traditional, country, and modern to eclectic, virtually any quilt maker can enjoy jelly roll benefits! Add to that our reasonable prices, discounts on bulk buys, free shipping and returns on all purchases, and you have no reason not to dive into these fabric candy rolls.

The hardest part is deciding which collections to pick from our tempting range! Strike while these favorites are in stock.

Get Started Today!

We hope this little tour has piqued your interest in exploring jelly roll possibilities. Fabric strips prepped to perfection are waiting to be picked up by fabric lovers like you wanting to translate inspiration into quilted reality – beautifully and in record time!  

Simply head to the Jelly Rolls section in our online shop, refine by color, theme etc, pick irresistible bundles that make your quilt dreams tangible and lose yourself to creative adventures. We're just a few clicks away.
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