Trending Panel Fabric For Quilting You Can't-Miss

Quilting may be a time-consuming and sometimes tedious process if done continuously. Agree? But what if you quilt with some fun cartoon designs, Halloween ideas, Santa, Christmas vibes, etc.? That will be joyous, right? Panel fabric for quilting is good and an excellent way to add color, vibes, and a new look to quilted items. People can also use their creativity and craft enormous creations by sewing up a full-size bed cover, couch, or bed quilt. This blog will teach you the trending quilting panel patterns and designs that will ace your quilt look.

Seven Trending Quilting Panel Patterns And Designs

 Quilting is fun and full of creativity when you integrate pictures, different designs, and unique patterns per your mood and style. Here we have some of the trendy quilting panel patterns and designs running in the town these days.


  1. Winter Wishes Quilting Panel

Christmas is the day everyone waits for throughout the year. You can enjoy those chilling winters, Christmas cheers, and the aura of wishes in your quilts. The panel comes with the stunning pattern of winter featuring Christmas day in soft teal and white colors. This panel fabric for quilting is perfect and a must-have as an elegant piece in your quilting essentials. The panel celebrates the joy of winter with Christmas wishes and gives you some positive vibes.


  1. Halloween Panel For Falls

The fall season is all about browns and oranges around us. Halloween is another reason that everybody loves the fall season. This trendy panel pattern honors your love for the fall season and Halloween parties. The panel is excellent for your quilting, featuring the moods of pumpkins and some Halloween party props. You can also go with batik fabric fat quarter for your quilting by adding some fall aesthetics of Halloween.


  1. Adorable Wildlife

If you are full of compassion and kindness for wildlife and animals, this panel fabric for quilting is your cup of tea. Such panel patterns will make your quilts more exciting and a signature you can flaunt by showing your love for innocent creatures. Also, these panels can be considered the cutest ones to ace your quilting collection.


  1. Your Christmas Hero Bringing Gifts

The Laughing Santa is bringing gifts and blessings, but in your quilting panels, would you like to enjoy it? The trend of digital prints is everywhere around us. This panel fabric for quilting is in trend and can be your forever crush because of its digital prints of happy Santa and Merry Christmas vibes. It would be exciting to feel that Santa is coming when the rest of the world has gone to sleep.


  1. Era Of Automobile

If you are an automobile enthusiast and hold an ocean of love for cars or trucks, let this panel fabric be your partner. This exciting panel pattern is in trend among people with great compassion for the automobile to add some energy to your quilts' looks. The panel featuring different trucks and cars will give you a personalized feel.


  1. Show Your Immense Love

This panel fabric for quilting with quotes such as "I love you to the Moon and Back, "etc., can be a great way to show your immense love by gifting the quilt to someone you love the most. It can be a grand gesture from your side. This quilting panel fabric will be a good reminder for the person about your love and will smile at them whenever they cuddle the quilt to feel its soulful warmth.


  1. Feel Your Bed Among The Planets

Are you the one who fantasizes about galaxies and is interested in the planets? Let's bring the aesthetics of galaxies and the excitement of planets to your quilt. The panel fabric for quilting with planet patterns and galaxy designs with aesthetic illustrations is in trend. These panels will add a sense of excitement and calmness to your quilt, and you can feel the silence of space whenever you cuddle the quilt to feel your bed among the stars and the planets.

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 So, there you go! Let your mood and style be patterned on your quilts with your choice of panel fabric for quilting. If you're looking for the patterns mentioned above or such an exotic collection for your quilting, visit Platinum So n Sews today and pick your favorite ones today!

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