Online Quilt Store: Unleashing Creativity with Digital Prints

Online Quilt Store: Unleashing Creativity with Digital Prints

For those who love quilt pattern making, choosing the right fabrics helps the creative realization of their dream. All these new indulgences in printing are opening up a paradox of craftsmanship and design. This is the moment Platinum So N Sews is excited to bring a beautiful collection of digitally printed quilt panels to infuse striking depth and dimension into the art of sewing. A quilter's digital print opens up a whole new realm of creative possibilities for quilted art!

The Allure of Digital Prints

Digital printing technology allows fabric designers to move beyond traditional methods for exceptionally vibrant, flawless, detail-rich textiles. 

What makes digitals so revolutionary?

  • Vibrant colors – On-demand digital inks create richer, more saturated hues. The expansive color gamut achieves shades not possible with standard textile printing.
  • Photographic detail – Modern high-resolution printing reproduces images with more precision and clarity, from delicate textures to intricate patterns. 
  • Flawless consistency – The automated process applies flawless ink coverage for uniform designs across fabric rolls. 
  • Expanded printing – Without the constraints of traditional cylinder engraved rollers, digital allows unlimited motifs like sweeping panoramas or edge-to-edge designs.

For quilters, digitally printed panels and fabrics permit more immersive visual stories through your textile art, infusing each creation with added depth.

Innovative Quilt Design Inspiration 

The design flexibility of digital printing coupled with quilters' innate creativity births stunning possibilities. Browse our selection of digitally printed panels to spark innovative ideas!

  • Scenic landscapes – Transport viewers to woodland cabins or Arctic vistas with photorealistic nature prints like Woodland Whispers or Whirlwind Snow Blowing. Use symmetrically for bold focus or creatively crop.
  • Playful themes – Build around whimsical prints like Santa's Night Out Train with coordinating fabrics supporting the imagery through color or motif. Add fun embellishments!
  • Pop culture – Incorporate elements from favorite movies or shows with prints like our The Lion King panel. Mix patterns and characters meaningfully within the quilt top.
  • Novelty looks – Showcase conversation-starting prints like Steampunk Christmas Panel through a graphic block or strip piecing for an intriguing quilt brimming with visual interest.

With digitals spanning styles from traditional holiday motifs to fantastical worlds, quilters can explore new creative avenues.

Mixing Digital Prints for Maximum Impact

Beyond utilizing stunning stand-alone panels, layering multiple coordinated digital prints creates a spectacular quilted dimension. 

Try techniques like:

  • Sashing – Insert slender strips of a contrasting print between blocks to define sections.
  • Echoing – Repeat prints across blocks, sashing, or borders, playing with scale and orientation. 
  • Framing – Border a central panel with a secondary print or variably frame block sets.
  • Backing – Select a coordinating print that enhances the quilt top when glimpsed from the back.

With strategic pairings, bold digital prints dialogue for added depth. Play with blending vibrant colors, matching motifs, or contrasting aesthetic styles.

Print Longevity for Cherished Heirlooms 

As quilters, we strive to create enduring works carrying personal meaning and artistry. And though delicate, fabric art deserves lasting posterity when crafted carefully.

The color fidelity and fabric durability of digital textiles help quilts maintain their visual splendor through years of enjoyment – and generations of quilters! Enhance collectability and heirloom potential by:  

- Choosing a quality print fabric with a high thread count over inexpensive fleece prints  

- Using colorfast threads and stabilizers to prevent discoloration

- Washing and drying gently to avoid print fading

- Storing folded on acid-free shelves away from direct light 

With conscientious construction and care, your digitally printed showpiece can brighten lives for decades, just like cherished past quilts. 

Elevate Your Quilting with Digital Prints

As you explore the artistic potential of digital printing for your next quilting vision, keep an eye out for great sales on fabric. At Platinum So N Sews' online quilt store, we frequently run quilt fabric sale clearance events and limited-time specials. 

Whether you need quality quilt material for sale to start your next art quilt or want to stock up on dazzling printed cotton at a fraction of the price, our seasonal sales make building your fabric stash more affordable. Watch for sitewide sales around major holidays, along with promotions featuring your favorite fabric designers and collections up to 60% off!

We also offer discounts on select quilt patterns for sale if you lack design inspiration for utilizing those vivid digital print fabrics. And for those with stacks of unfinished projects, catch one of our yearly quilting sales focused specifically on notions, precuts, batting, threads, and other essential finishing supplies to complete your work. Keep your eyes peeled for sales on kits and bundles, too, which package coordinating fabrics, patterns, and materials for unique quilts ready to assemble. With the right sale finds, bringing imaginative, digitally printed quilt visions to life gets much easier on your wallet!

If you want to infuse your next quilting project with an arresting style, choose one of our exclusive digital print panels. Or peruse our online quilt store for coordinating fabrics and mixing patterns, colors, and textures for dimensional beauty. Explore the creative possibilities of digitally printed fabrics offered at Platinum So N Sews!

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