How To Handle Your Batik Fabric For Longer Shelf Life?

How To Handle Your Batik Fabric For Longer Shelf Life?

Batik is one of the most ancient fabrics that originated in Indonesia. It is prepared by applying wax-resistant dyeing. The cloth soaks in humidity and enhances the dye of the fabrics. The Batik fabric online is widely used for designing, quilting, or other decorative items. Additionally, these fabrics come with many variations in design that can add distinctiveness to the clothing. These clothes open the door for contemporary decor with a touch of coziness. 

Platinum So n Sews is one of the best place to buy fabric for quilting to make your desired designs. Different patterns on batik display different tones and characteristics, and a perfect combination of techniques and color make them unique. However, if not carefully handled, it can lead to the deterioration of fabric at a faster rate. Read how to save your batik fabric with little care and protective techniques. 

5 Tips To Improve Your Batik Fabric Shelf Life

Having a batik fabric online is valuable. Since your batik fabric is a delicate piece of clothing, you can extend its life for many years with better handling practice. Here is a list of top tips to better care for batik products.

 1. Rinse With Gentle Soap In Cold Water

The finest way to clean batik is by applying a gentle soap with a cold hand rinse. You can use mild olive oil shampoo or baby soap as it reacts less with the dyes. Moreover, one needs to check the fabric does not leave its color. Ensure that the cloth will not soak or wring your batik, which can damage the fabric. Unlike machine-made cloths, batik cloths are not color fast as the material tends to fade a little with every wash, giving a vintage feel to the clothing. The washing method increases the shelf life of batik fabrics like pillow covers, dresses, blouses, and skirts.

 2. Soak And Rinse With Lerak(Soap Nut) 

The soap nut, also known as lerak in the Indonesian archipelago, is the fruit of the soapberry tree. After boiling the soap nut for half an hour or until the fruit is tender, rubbing it generates little bubbles. Because this is natural soap with no chemicals, batik fabric online may be safely steeped in the mixture for at least 15 minutes before gently rubbing the material and thoroughly washing.
If only some combination is utilized, it may be stored for 7-10 days and used on other fabrics and clothing. Lerak is not widely accessible outside the archipelago, but if you can get your hands on it, make it your first pick.

 3. Batik Products Storage  

Some batik fabric online is not designed to be worn informally. These are often heirloom artifacts handed down over time and are only utilized on special events such as weddings, international moves, or home décor pieces.
Folding batik may result in fractures in the designs where an expert previously used beeswax to draw them. Of course, rolling may only sometimes be possible owing to space limits. They may still be folded, but remember to open and air them at least twice a year. It will also prevent the accumulation of dust and any other contaminants.

 4. Batik Products Storage Guidelines 

Many things lead to faster cloth decay, such as humidity and moisture. Keep your clutches, batik apparel, and other accessories dry with moisture or dehumidifier-absorbing solutions from the homeware stores.
Iron the fabric on a medium heat setting to avoid wrinkles. You must prevent steam setting when ironing, as it may damage the fabric. You can place a thin piece of cotton cloth on each side of the batik fabric while ironing to reduce the probability of damage.

 5. Store Batik Away From Dust And Light 

Uneven exposure to sunlight leads to discoloration of batik fabric online. The best way to tackle discoloration is to store the cloth in a dark and less humid space as far as possible. The sunlight from windows can also damage if clothes are placed there for a week. Dry air batiks are suggested not to be exposed to direct sunlight. Moreover, you can use the hair dryer to soak the batik instead of putting it in the sunlight
Do not wring or twist the fabric while removing the residual moisture. You can also wash batik fabric in a dry low-warm temperature till the cloth is completely soaked.

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