How To Check The Quality Of Jelly Roll Material?

How To Check The Quality Of Jelly Roll Material?

Jelly roll materials are known for their contrasting colors and elegant designs. These quilt sheets are used in hanging walls, sheets, beds, hand-crafted decors, textiles, colors, and block sizes. Further, these bundles are used to craft sewn blankets. These designs are easy to make and efficient. These rolls do not require rotatory cuts. Moreover, the focus is on sewing the fabric accurately. Furthermore, the cut-outs came from the same fabric collection because of homogenous designs and patterns. 

Platinum So n Sews offers one of the best batik fabrics, jelly rolls, and quilts online to curate the design you want. Our fabric quilts are made with care and unique methods to impart distinctive designs. Further, these unique designs help you out in the crowds. However, you need to know how to select the better jelly roll bundles for your needs. Let's consider what you need to keep in mind to find the best quality jelly roll bundle.

Checklist For Selecting The Best Quality Jelly Roll Material 

The jelly rolls are one of the best clothing materials to embellish your home. The quilts made by jelly rolls improve the overall aesthetic value of your home. Therefore, ensuring a better quality jelly roll is essential to bring out the best craft designs for your home and commercial space. Here are the five proven ways to select better-quality jelly roll material.

  1. The Material Needs To Be Appealing At First look

The best part of jelly rolls is their contrasting colors. These materials appeal to the masses with their sheer elegance and vivid colors. Further, the bunch of colors ensures it matches the shade of each piece of furniture and wall color of your home. When you choose a jelly roll bundle for your home, ensure it appeals to you in the first place. Moreover, select one of the better detail quality by choosing at first stance. 

  1. Softness And Durability Of Roll Fabric

Even if you select a roll from the bundle, there is higher quality variance. These roll fabrics are often versatile, good quality, durable, and competitively priced. Moreover, the durability of the batik fabrics and rolls is usually measured by the finer quality of yarn used for sewing the bundle. However, the bundle length of the roll often depends on the softness of the material. It is because of the short fibers sewn evenly into the fabric. These rolls are less breathable than others due to the compact tiny air pockets between the individual threads.

  1. The Tactility Test For Measuring The Haptics

You can quickly check the quality of cotton by touching the fabrics. A carefully crafted bundle roll is made up of an extra-long staple. Therefore, a curated roll often has a smooth and silky touch. There are plenty of varieties that lack softness. You must ensure that cheaper variants do not lack the fabric's softness. However, touching fabric while shopping online is impossible, but you can ensure the quality by selecting extra-long roll bundles.

  1. A Great Roll fabric Must Pass The Uniformity Test

The jelly roll material is sewn to create a yarn. The uniformity is easy to check out because of the individual threads line-up. Moreover, there should be no gaps in the thread. It is to ensure that the threads may not be unevenly distributed. These uneven threads often degrade the overall quality of the material. Therefore, it is essential to have a regular bundle that approves the pattern of smooth rows and columns in the fabric. 

  1. The Light Test To Ensure Better Shape

If you somehow get to touch the roll bundle fabric before buying, you must place it against the light to check the quality of the fabric. You will see that even very thin fabrics are not fully transparent. Further, a roll bundle fabric must not allow much light to pass through. If it does, then the bundle is not woven very densely. It will more likely wear out and lose shape over time. 

Get Your Tailor Made Jelly Roll Bundle From Us!

The jelly roll bundle is one of the most used fabrics because of the contrasting colors that display beautiful aesthetic appeal. Are you searching for one of the best jelly rolls and batik fabric fat quarter for your next project? Look no further. Grab mesmerizing designs from Platinum So n Sews for your project at attractive prices. Contact us to know more about our numerous clothing fabrics, designs, and ready-made quilts to meet your requirements.

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