How To Care For Your Batik Fabric?

How To Care For Your Batik Fabric?

Did you know that Indonesians celebrate Batik Day every 2nd October? In Indonesia, individuals celebrate the Hari Batik Nasional Day after being marked as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2009 by UNESCO. However, if you own the Batik fabric, save it, as it is a precious treasure. The material is unique and vibrant, but it requires special care to maintain its beauty and prolong its life. Whether you use fabric clothing, home decor, or accessories, you must take care. Furthermore, we have mentioned some care tips to preserve its beauty. 

5 Care Tips To Increase The Longevity Of Batik Fabric

Many fabrics like wool and silk need to be washed by hand. By washing it with hands, it will be exposed to less agitation, meaning minimal damage to the fabric and fibers. Sometimes, the fabrics stretch out in the washing machine, diminishing the magnificence of the garment. Read further to grab the indispensable information to upkeep the batik fabric.

  1. Keep Away From Light And Dust

Avoid light and dust if you want to retain the sewing treasures made with the batik. Exposure to light can cause fabric discoloration and weaken fibers. Batik will last longer when stored in a dry and dark environment.

  1. Storage For Batik Products

Whether you make a home decor product or try out any other DIY with the Batik fabric, you need to remember a few points while storing it. Keep in mind to store the fabric dry, as it can give room to molds, rodents, moths, and insects, mostly in damp environments.

  1. Do Not Put The Scent Directly On It

If you do not step out of the house without using the perfume, then you need to be cautious while wearing the batik fabric. One can use a newspaper to cover the fabric and spray the scent. Since batik is made from a natural colorant, it can damage the fabric.

  1. Avoid Twisting The Fabric

To maintain the longevity of the batik fabric, one needs to be alert when washing it. Avoid wringing, as it can severely damage the textile. If you want to dry the fabric, just press down with your hands or roll it in a towel.

  1. Cold Rinse With Gentle Soap

When you wash the batik fabric, use the cold hand rinse with a gentle soap as it will react minimally with the dyes. Also, avoid soaking the garment, so it does not damage the fabric. It applies to all garments, including dresses, skirts, blouses, and pillow covers. 

Show Off Your Batik Fabric!

 Another helpful tip for preserving the loveliness of your attire made from Batik is to avoid ironing directly. One can use another light cloth above it and then iron it, as the high temperature can ruin the fabric. Moreover, contact us at Platinum So n Sews if you want to purchase the garment. We have fabrics based on different materials, like jelly roll material, with different patterns and colors. Reach out to us and create your masterpiece.
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