Discover The Different Fabric Sewing Patterns Of Quilting World

Discover The Different Fabric Sewing Patterns Of Quilting World

Through the years, quilts have been the most attractive form of art that has been documented in history. There are traces of quilts to be found in the palaces of great emperors; the great-great artisans especially designed them. The purpose was the same: to decorate the interiors of their palaces, homes, and cottages. In this era, it is getting popular again and has been preferred by people to decorate their houses and create their space with creativity and art. The fabric sewing patterns is also known as quilting; it is the process in which two layers of fabric, by insulating design in the interior layer of fabric, are sewn together with multiple rows of stitching. It is a widely popular sewing technique to create various types of designs and art that are used for decorating. 

Not only is quilting bound till decoration, they have been splashing everywhere. From the fashion runway to social media, quilted products are getting trendy. Quilted jackets, tote bags, pants, vests, etc., are the latest fashion trends. Earlier quills were packed as quilting treasures, which were very precious. But now you can get the quilts at an affordable rate with quilt stores and online services. 


Choose Your Style Of Pattern 

Thousands of quilt designs and patterns have been designed and created through the decades. They are considered to be the product of society, which reflects the culture and influences the environment to love artistic things and create an aura. We are sure that the quilts that you choose according to your style and taste will make everyone amazed, reflecting your sense of fashion and personality. Explore the various types of quilting patterns that have been popular for decades. 

1. Nine Patch 

The Nine Patch quilting pattern is a popular type of print that was earlier discovered by pioneer women. The earliest homesteaders needed more time and fabric as a supplement. Most of the quilts they made were utility quilts, that could be quickly sewn together for warmth. The Nine Patch design is one of the simplest and quickest quilts to sew, and it looks great when you hand it on the wall and use it cohesive to your furniture. It is a good way to use up every small scrap of fabric available. The online quilt store offers such designs with beautiful finishing. 

2.Log Cabin 

The log cabin black is one the most popular types of pattern in the quilting world. Those who have knowledge about them must be aware of the style statement that Log Cabin gives through quilting products. The name Log Cabin is derived from the narrow strips of fabric logs which are designed in the center square creating a pattern. Each fabric log is added to the pattern. In a similar manner, the logs are piled up in a pattern to build a cabin. As the straight lines and small pieces of the pattern and logs could utilize almost any fabric scrap available. It is a widely popular quilt print that will give your home an amazing look with vintage style.

 3. Rose Of Sharon 

It is one of the oldest types of applique quilt patterns. It is derived from the concept of the Bible, 'The Rose Of Sharon' refers to a wild tulip today on the plains of Sharon in Palestine. When the Bible was translated into English, a rose was used in the place of a tulip. After this, the 'Rose Of Sharon' quilt print became widely popular in the 1800s. And it is also still very popular now. 

4. Crazy Quilt 

The crazy quilt is referred to as the oldest type of fabric sewing patterns. Early quilters used a scrap material or remnant, which are available regardless of its color, design, or fabric type. Worn-out clothing, women's calico dresses, men's pants and shirts, household bed clothes, and other oddly shaped fabric scraps were fitted and stitched together. The result was an assortment of colors and a quilt with a story behind each scrap. This design is now designed with premium quality fabrics, giving the same vintage look and feel. It features rich colors and textures that are cohesive to each other and look appealing to the eye. 

5. Schoolhouse 

The schoolhouse block or pattern is the combination of house and church design that is sewn together. It gives an ethereal final look that features a side view of a building, which is either pieced or appliqued. Depending on the skills of the quilters, you can make them add other parts like windows, crosses, doors, etc., that give a sophisticated, unique touch to your schoolhouse quilt. 


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