5 Common Questions Asked About Batik Fabric Online

5 Common Questions Asked About Batik Fabric Online

Batik is a unique fabric that sings beachy vibes with its bold and beautiful colors. Further, it is produced by coating with wax the parts not to be dyed. It has come from Eastern crafters from India, Singapore, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia. There are various other facts believed regarding the history of batik. Moreover, when individuals research to purchase batik fabric online, they get confused and have various queries. To bail you out of the confusion, we have gathered answers to all the questions concerning batik. 

Answers Of The Questions Asked Regarding Batik 

Batik fabric is used for various purposes, from fashion accessories to home decor, like cushions, bed covers/quilts, and lampshades. It was also a hot runway trend for spring/summer 2014. It can do wonders for all genders. Read further to resolve your queries regarding batik. 

  1. What Is Batik Made From? 

Batik is primarily made from cotton, beeswax, and plants from different vegetable dyes. But not every time. They are made from cotton. It has varieties available, like rayon batik, perfect for women's clothing. At the same time, there are thicker rayons for men's clothing and decor. 

  1. For What Purposes Can We Use Batik? 

Earlier, they used batik only for garment purposes, but now, it is used for various craft purposes. Batik is now often used in wall hangings, murals, paintings, household linen, and scarves. Its popping colors give aesthetic vibes and livelier and brighter patterns. Not limited to this, you can use them in quilting projects. If you want to make quilts, ensure that you purchase from one of the best online fabric store quilting

  1. Is There Any Gender Difference For Wearing Batik? 

Regarding batik, there are no standards set for the genders to carry. But mainly, a Bunga batik (flower batik) is a popular choice amongst women and a kain Pelikan (geometric stylish) by men. Further, it is used in special events such as weddings, international moves, etc. If you want to purchase the batik fabric, you can reach us at Platinum So n Sews. 

  1. Is It Normal To Wear A Batik? 

Individuals across Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore wear a batik skirt, batik baju kurung or batik sarong etc. One can create a boho look from the delicate fabric by making cool dresses like batik harems, maxis, or tunics. In fact, to your surprise, once used, it was in fashion shows as the runway trend.

  1. Any Tips To Improve Its Shelf Life? 

Since batik is an exquisite fabric, one can carefully handle it to improve its shelf life. Firstly, purchase it from a reliable batik fabric online store. While washing the cloth, rinse with a cold and gentle soap. Sometimes, clothes decay due to humidity and moisture. Henceforth, use the dehumidifier-absorbing solutions to improve the life of the fabric. 

Shop The Batik Fabric From Us Like A Pro! 

So, these are some of the frequent questions asked by individuals regarding batik. Connect with us at Platinum So n Sews, one of the best places to buy fabric for quilting. You can also shop for tote bags, threads, notions, etc. Connect with us and check out more about our services and products.

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